The Christ Center at Transfiguration ELCA
The Christ Center Harlem


At The Christ Center at Transfiguration ELCA, Christ is heard and seen. We seek to live this out through grace-filled worship, activism/teaching, and progressivism.

  1. Grace-Filled Worship: We hope to cultivate a worship that speaks of grace: easily accessible, a theology (study of God) that welcomes all, and a mission of openness.
  2. Activism/Teaching: My people are perishing (because of) lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). Knowledge and education are tools that empower, and so we aim to be a knowledge hub of justice seekers, focusing our attention on key issues in our immediate community, such as healthcare, educational inequity, and other grave injustices, like the mistreatment of minorities. We stand for those who most need, but can least afford.
  3. Progressivism: The message of God’s grace does not just belong to one group of people. Salvation is not based upon our actions, but upon what God has already done: God sent God’s Son into the world to die, and by that act Jesus Christ has claimed us, given us an identity, bringing us hope in the possibility of new creation–and this hope goes for you. No matter who you love, how much money you have, where you were born, this hope applies to you.

The Christ Center at Transfiguration ELCA is a ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. For more information, please click here.